Successful 2023 Strategic Planning Meeting sets future MVP goals and projects

Two heads think/work better than one, isn’t that the saying?

Well, picture 14 heads of the Mamoní Valley Preserve, getting together to talk about the future…

During three days -and two mountainous hikes-, 11 of the current 14 Board Members of the MVP, and three members of staff, attended the 2023 Strategic Planning Meeting held in the actual Valley to connect with the surroundings and to work on what’s ahead, not only for the Preserve, but also its communities, partners and donors. 

Behind them was a very active 2022, where the MVP reported important achievements such as our first Fundraising Campaign, our first Carbon Offset Study, the development and launch of our new brand image with new logo and tagline, a new website, and the results of various research projects throughout the year. 

For this year’s Strategic Planning Meeting, Board Members and the Executive Team met with local communities to learn first hand what their necessities were, and brain-stormed key concepts and pillars to meet new goals and projects. Some of these included MVP’s future Values, our Mission & Vision, and the set of new priorities to communicate to our teams, our partners, research groups, and of course our donors.

This Meeting marks an important milestone for what’s to come, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any progress or exclusive information, so you don’t miss a thing!