Kenneth Meislin

Kennth Meislin has a deep history in multi-family and commercial real estate.  It began with multi-family brokerage in the 1980’s.  He enjoyed an extremely active and successful brokerage career for over 20 years and sold over 7500 apartment units before fully transitioning to running the family’s assets, which he continues to do today. 

The Meislin’s multi-family holdings include in excess of a thousand apartment units as direct owners, and the family is also invested in many real estate partnerships.  Although located in many states, the bulk of the assets owned are located in California with a concentration in the Bay Area.  Currently, Meislin Investments holds over 250 units in the city of San Francisco.   Most of these assets have been owned for a long period of time, and all are meticulously maintained and operated with a true pride of ownership approach. 

Recent closings include various properties in San Francisco.  The most recent of these closings was the Zanco Family Porfolio, which included 72 units in 11 buildings, and closed on March 1, 2022.  The closing was extremely complicated, and the transaction took just 3 weeks from the start to finish.