Raisa Banfield

Raisa Banfield

Research Committee

Raisa is the former Vice Mayor of the District of Panama. She is an architect by profession, has devoted many years to environmental protection, and feels the social economic development of Panama should be compatible with ecological sustainability.

She was the Executive Director of CIAM (Center for Environmental Impact) from 2007 – 2010, and is the current President of Sustainable Panama (PASOS), an organization that she founded in 2010 to promote alternative solutions.

She was co-founder of Alianza Pro-Ciudad (2010), Pro-Defense Committee of Camino de Cruces Park and other community organizations; and Coordinator and Producer of the television program, Nuestro Planeta (2010), a program on diverse environmental topics. She founded the architecture and design firm RGB S.A. (1994-2007), and is a co-founder and member of Geoversity Design and Director of Sustainable Development Center for the Integration of Nature and Cities (CINC).

Educational Background: Bachelor of Architecture, University of Panama

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