GIS in the jungle: Experiential Environmental Education (EEE) in Panama

A University of Redlands travel course to Panama builds on Monty Hempel’s legacy in environmental studies, Experiential Environmental Education, and geographic information systems (GIS) instruction at the University of Redlands. It follows his experience developing social relationships in Panama, and nearly 20 years leading an EEE travel course to Palau. This Panama course, nicknamed “GIS inContinue reading “GIS in the jungle: Experiential Environmental Education (EEE) in Panama”

To protect and preserve

That’s right, we’re not all screwed! Au contraire, we’re all trying to do our part to screw towards the same side. The trying to protect the planet side. At the Mamoní Valley Preserve (MVP) we strive to be a world-leading eco-friendly example of rainforest conservation, by protecting the Mamoní Valley in Panama from deforestation soContinue reading "To protect and preserve"