Our Partners

The Mamoní Valley Preserve exists thanks to the vision, work and generous support of a few entrepreneurs, our neighbors and friends.

We welcome all people and organizations to get involved, pitch in and be part of what we do.

In addition to members of the MVP Association, MVP is home to various researchers and corporate carbon offset partners.

Our efforts are also aided by the special participation of the M100 Club and by collaboration with Geoversity’s Lifechanger Programs. And, of course, we consider all of those donating to our fundraising efforts to be MVP partners.

Fundación Geoversity is a growing ecosystem of individuals and organizations working together to promote Biocultural Leadership. It has nurtured several conservation communities, created its GeoSchool with campus locations at various stages of development, and instituted its Life Changer team of guides and explorers. With M100, it co-founded the Mamoní Valley Preserve. It provides MVP’s conservation services, maintains a science, research & visitor center in the Valley called Centro Mamoní, has an established relationship with the Valley’s indigenous Guna neighbors, and supports all of the sustainable ventures of the MVP Association’s members.

Indigenous Neighbors

MVP shares a 12-mile continental divide along the indigenous Guna Yala Comarca. MVP’s partner Fundación Geoversity established a strategic partnership with its indigenous neighbors to help finance their security outpost in Guna Yala, Las Guavitas.