M100 Club

The M100 is an exclusive – limited to 100 members – community of adventure travelers and conservation-focused philanthropists, dedicated to preserving the 29,000-acre watershed of the Mamoní Valley Preserve and its tropical ecosystems.

We are like-minded people who enjoy building lifelong friendships with one another, our families, and regularly interacting with each other, meeting both in Panama and in the U.S. at exclusive events.

Become a Member

As a candidate, you must be sponsored by a current M100 Member or an MVP Board Member

Exclusive membership fees 

  • Initiation Fee
    • A $100,000 donation. Multi-year pledges may be arranged
  • Annual Dues
    • $5,000 per year
  • Experience Fees: prices vary by event or trip

What makes us Stand Out

M100 Club members tend to meet the following criteria:


  • Value belonging to a community of purpose.
  • Are accomplished individuals in our fields.
  • Are active and love the outdoors.
  • Understand that forests and biodiversity are essential for the planet.
  • Are kind, generous, and open-minded.

Membership Benefits

  • Meet fellow professional individuals. 
  • Participate in M100 Events in Panama and the U.S.
  • Belong in Members-Only online portal.
  • Join in expeditions at the Preserve:
  • Ocean 2 Ocean, exclusive dates
  • M100 Retreats, exclusive dates


  • Tax benefits on our Initiation Fee and a portion of the Experience Fees.
  • Flight emissions offset when flying to the Mamoní Valley Preserve.
  • Prioritized access and special discounts at Centro Mamoní.
  • MVP limited edition 4-people clothing when visiting the Preserve.
  • Featured M100 Member profile on our MVP website.
  • Name a new trail or mother tree after someone you choose (limited by availability)