MVP Wellness Retreat

Unveil Panama’s Natural Treasures on an Unforgettable 3-Day Jungle Escape

An Experience Only Available with Mamoní Valley Preserve

Embark on a captivating 4-night, 3-day adventure—an immersive jungle encounter that lets you delve into the wilderness in all its serenity.

By selecting a Wellness Retreat or choosing a weekend family getaway, you actively support the non-profit Mamoní Valley Preserve‘s dual goals of conservation and community enrichment. This paves the way for you to unearth the wonders of nature against the backdrop of Panama’s unique landscape, presenting an exclusive chance for reconnection and rediscovery.

Let us know when you want to start the fun! We’re all set to create an experience that’s just your style. Drop us a line at and let’s fast-track your journey to the perfect escape.

About Mamoní Valley Preserve’s Wellness Retreats


Every experience is customized at our off-the-grid rainforest eco-lodge with cabañas and hand-crafted furnishings that are built with locally salvaged hardwoods and bamboo. All our facilities are sustainably powered 24/7 by a unique hydro-electric and solar system.

Lodge in one of our open-air, raised cabañas with their private on-suite bathrooms or choose a unique bamboo glamping platform.

Photo taken by Kevin Arnold.

Photo taken by Kevin Arnold.

Relax in nature, read a book, connect to our broadband internet connection, or have a bonfire in our comfortable Comedor.

Dive into our 25-meter, stream-fed natural pool or share theatrics in our outdoor amphitheater.

Enjoy our multi-purpose facilities to practice yoga, meditation or have some relaxation time for yourself.

Photo taken by Kevin Arnold.

Photo taken by Kevin Arnold.

Eco-Adventure Activities

Discover many eco-adventure activities at Mamoní Valley Preserve, perfect for adding an exciting twist to your group or family retreat agenda. After all, a hint of adventure is the secret ingredient for unforgettable memories!

  • Immerse yourself in the rainforest & hike the Continental Divide to see the Caribbean
  • Enjoy live music as you savor natural, fresh food—a perfect blend of delicious flavors and soulful rhythms for a delightful experience.
  • Embrace picturesque rock formations, cascading falls, and refreshing pools for memorable family adventures in Junglewood Falls
  • Float in rafts down pristine rivers while you spot wildlife.
  • Jump on horseback to take in the culture & natural beauty of the Mamoní Valley.

A Jungle Culinary Experience

Our tasty, all-inclusive food service consists of traditional Panamanian meals along with exotic fusions that are prepared daily according to your specific dietary needs.

Although we are located in a remote area, we can accommodate special diets for people with allergies or dietary needs.

Help us harvest some of the organic tropical ingredients that compliment the other fruits and fresh vegetables sourced from local markets to offer a well-balanced menu that is mostly vegetarian—there’s always enough for seconds with our family-style self-serve meals!

Photo taken by Kevin Arnold.

Location and Transport
Our “Centro Mamoní” is conveniently located 2 hours east of Panama’s international airport, and in the heart of the Mamoní Valley.

Cost Details

Price per person, per night.

Kids of ages 0-3 are free and 4-11 get 50% discount.

Taxes and the following is included:

  • Private cabana that can accommodate up to 8 guests
  • Three meals daily
  • Potable water, tea, coffee, natural drinks
  • Multipurpose spaces
  • Conservation fee to support Mamoní Valley Preserve
  • Broadband internet in common areas
  • Natural stream-fed pool
  • Micro-hydro electricity and solar panel generation 24/7

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