The Valley was being rapidly deforested, mainly for cattle ranching, but since 2002 we have substantially increased the rate of our carbon sequestration and reforested much of the Valley’s exposed land.

While MVP and its partners have plans to actively manage the reforestation of much of the Valley’s exposed land, efforts have been limited to a native species tree plantation project, cultivating Guadua bamboo for harvest, and the natural reversion of open fields into forests.

The Mamoní Valley Preserve Native Species Tree Plantation Project started with 220 acres and the planting of 80,000 trees, all with local labor, making MVP the largest employer in the Valley. In 2011, the plantation was transferred to the environmentally positive German forestry company Forest Finance, a member of the MVP Association.

We stand against climate change and are making a treemendous effort to reforest the Valley and protect our local land.