Sustainable Community Development

Integrating and helping the Valley’s communities in matters of education or essential ways of income that are sustainable over time.

The conversion from livestock production into nature conservation and restoration challenges the local population. This is a unique hurdle in a vast area that contains four small villages and a few dozen farms totaling just a few hundred residents.

To pursue MVP’s vision for the Valley, alternative socio-economic activities are being explored and, when appropriate, have been implemented.  These include job opportunities, land security, organizational development, capacity building, education, health, and safety.

Specific benefits include:

  • Delimitation of land to benefit local communities.
    For years and dependent of M100’s land transfer process to the Preserve, local communities have been given land titles under certain circumstances, as a commitment to its preservation.
  • Community involvement to give bamboo plants other multiple uses or purposes.
    At the Agroforestry Center we have a specific location where our conservation team is dedicated to dry and care for bamboo plants as a value chain process, to learn new abilities and experiences.
  • Community integration in an environmentally friendly surrounding, learning to mitigate climate impact in collaboration with Fundación Geoversity’s Life Changer grid.
    To encourage a better and profound interaction with our valley’s community and rangers, we built a communal house only accessed by carbon-free transportation such as horse riding, on foot or paddling across our rivers, and where people who visit can stay and contribute to an ecofriendly environment.
  • Construction and maintenance of the Centro Mamoní, where most of the research at the MVP is done and recorded, after field and terrain studies.
    Thanks to Euroclima+ finance, our non-profit partner Fundación Geoversity has managed to maintain the Centro Mamoní to continue several research studies, an eco-housing project and a few offices, while taking advantage of internet coverage in specific areas of the Valley.
  • Benefits from Fundación Geoversity’s Global Climate Change program.
    A joint collaboration program with Fundación Geoversity has given us the opportunity to house young, indigenous, biocultural leaders, to teach and learn new and effective ways to stand against climate change.
  • Employment at the Agroforestry Center.
    Through the years, people of the Valley’s numerous communities have been employed and taught new abilities at the Agroforestry Center, achieving sustainable income over time.

Working with MVP Association partners, the communities are acting to strengthen their governance capacity, starting with building community houses for meetings, including a strong focus on wireless communication and potable water.