Sustainable Community Development

Sustainable Community Development

The conversion from livestock production into nature conservation and restoration challenges the local population. This is a unique hurdle in a vast area that contains four small villages and a few dozen farms totaling just a few hundred residents.

To pursue MVP’s vision for the Valley, alternative socio-economic activities are being explored and, when appropriate, have been implemented.  These include job opportunities, land security, organizational development, capacity building, education, health, and safety.

Specific benefits include:

  • Land transfer to community dwellers.
  • Community involvement in a bamboo value chain (reforestation, caring, harvest, curing, modeling, and building modular structures).
  • Community integration with Fundación Geoversity’s Life Changer grid.
  • Benefits from Euroclima+ non-carbon benefit offset projects.
  • Benefits from Fundación Geoversity’s Global Climate Change program.
  • Employment at the science and leadership training center, Centro Mamoní.
  • Employment at the Agroforestry Center.

Working with MVP Association partners, the communities are acting to strengthen their governance capacity, starting with building community houses for meetings, including a strong focus on wireless communication and potable water.