Every Leaf Counts

We are a rainforest-lovin’ Non-Profit Organization, protecting and preserving one of our planet’s most unique natural treasures: the Mamoní Valley in Panama, home to thousands of species of plants and animals. Its protection helps to preserve the planet’s biodiversity and stabilize the climate.

a sloth in a tree

Purpose: To conserve the rainforest biodiversity and cultures of Panama’s Mamoni Valley.

Vision: The entire Mamoni Valley is managed for sustainable living and conservation inspiring community-based rainforest conservation globally.


  • Passion for Nature
  • Driven by Curiosity
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Respect for People and Cultures


The Mamoní Valley Preserve exists thanks to the vision, work, and generous support of a few entrepreneurs, our neighbors, and friends. We welcome all people and organizations to get involved, pitch in, and be part of what we do.

researchers collecting samples in shallow water

Carbon Footprint Calculator

At Mamoní Valley Preserve, we do our best to stay carbon neutral. You can too by donating to contribute to mitigate carbon offset! Thinking of traveling? How would you like to check your carbon footprint? You can calculate your flight carbon footprint here, using our Flight Carbon Offset mechanism, or even better: we can help you really offsetting your footprint! All you have to do is write to info@mvp.ngo

Ex: A direct Boston-Panama round trip flight is 12hrs.

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