Mark Knetsch

Co-founder and CEO of Experience Mamoní, Mark first arrived to the Valley in 2013 and volunteered to the cause of leadership training and conservation. Since then, he has been leading local and international student groups of all ages throughout the Mamoní Valley and parts of Panama, and has developed a deep knowledge of the local biodiversity and culture.

He is trained in emergency response and jungle survival, and while living in Canada, he specialized in landscape construction and heavy machinery operation. He is a true waterman, having been raised in Aruba, and also speaks four languages: English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento, which has helped him support Geoversity in program development and management.

Mark continues to explore the Americas and Asia, every chance he gets.

Educational background: Extended Accounting Degree from Fanshawe College and BA in Business Administration from Laurentian University Canada, where he graduated Cum Laude. Certified Wilderness Guide from PAWGI.