The Ocean to Ocean Expedition

Through Jaguar Country, Panama

The expedition is a collaboration between:

An Experience Only Available with Mamoní Valley Preserve

8 days, 7 Nights. All in-country expenses are covered.



Just bring your clothing and basic gear. We got everything else you need: bikes, rafts, expedition hammocks, etc.

For US and Canadian taxpayers, up to $5,000 can be recorded as a tax-deductible donation through Mamoní Valley Preserve, a federally tax-exempt public charity.

Are you ready to join us on this life-changing expedition from Panama’s Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast of the Indigenous Guna people?


  • January 13-20, 2024: AVAILABILITY
  • February 3-10, 2024: AVAILABILITY
  • Feb 25 – March 3, 2024: AVAILABILITY
  • March 16-23, 2024: FULLY BOOKED!
  • April 27 – May 4, 2023: AVAILABILITY

About Mamoní Valley Preserve’s Ocean to Ocean Program

You have been chosen to be one of only six explorers on an expedition, combining sailing, mountain biking, hiking the jaguar trail, a river descent in pack-rafts, and snorkelling around an island in indigenous territory reserved only for your group.

We provide pre-arrival video support, a pack-list for your basic items to bring, and we’ve got the rest.

Accompanying you will be professional wilderness and naturalist guides and co-guides, paramedic, bike technician, local guides, and a complete support team for anything you might need.

Mamoní Valley Preserve’s Team has designed a one-of-a-kind expedition and all you need to do is come prepared for adventure.

Enjoy the camaraderie of peers while immersing yourself in extraordinary biological and cultural diversity as you explore some of the most significant oceanic, coastal wetland, upland rainforest and river biomes on planet Earth.

Mamoní Valley Preserve film makers will produce a short commemorative video of your expedition for family and friends.

“This was one of the best experiences of my entire life. The leadership was outstanding from start to finish, not only kept us safe, but kept us going and learning.”

Dr. David S. Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, TECH, Harvard University. Participant in Geoversity’s pioneering Ocean to Ocean Expedition of 2019.

Join Us On the Jaguar Trail

Itinerary Overview

A once-in-a-lifetime experience only offered by Mamoní Valley Preserve.

Trip itinerary Mamoní Valley Preserve.

Expedition Overview


Estimated Time

Day 1

International arrivals, reception and preparations in Panama City.

Day 2

Sailing aboard a sailing yacht along the Pacific coast.

60 km

9 hrs

Day 3

Mountain biking in hilly terrain on dirt roads (11km), a river crossing in panga boat, bike on asphalt into the town of Chepo, onto the Pan American Highway and off to our overnight Lodge on the bank of the lower Mamoní River (11km).

22 km

5-6 hrs

Day 4

Mountain biking in steep, hilly terrain (incl. rover crossings by foot and stop at Jungle Wood Falls).

22 km

6 hrs

Day 5

Trekking in rainforest to riverside camp (12km).

12 km

7 hrs

Day 6

River rafting (grade 2-3 approx. + waterfall portage) in the rainforest to Guna community.

6 km

3 hrs

Day 7

Trek in flat rainforest terrain (5km) and mangrove paddling (2km) to Guna island.

7 km

2.5 hrs

Day 8

Depart island in boats (15 km) and SUVs (90 km) to Panama City.

105 km

3.5 hrs


234 km

37 hrs

Your Hero’s Journey

Bayano Wetlands, Ramsar Site, Panama
Bayano Wetlands, Ramsar Site, Panama

Sail the legendary Panama interoceanic canal 

Begin by sailing from the entrance of the Pacific in the legendary Panama interoceanic canal to the starting point of the trip at the mouth of the Bayano River. The landing is done by navigating through one of the most important wetlands on the west coast of Latin America.

Mountain bike tour

For two days, you’re on a mountain bike tour over dirt roads and through hilly terrain until reaching a point near the Continental Divide in the 12,800-acre Mamoní Valley Preserve. You’ll overnight at Centro Mamoní, MVP’s rainforest campus located on the southern border of Gunayala, the autonomous territory of the indigenous Guna people.

Group of mountain bikers on an expedition through Mamoní Valley Preserve.
Mamoní Valley Preserve, Panama
Mamoní Valley Preserve’s Rainforest Campus
Mamoní Valley Preserve’s Rainforest Campus
Jungle Camp, Gunayala
Jungle Camp, Gunayala

Hiking and rafting along the jaguar trail

From Centro Mamoní embark on two more days of hiking, rafting through primary rainforest, along the jaguar trail and over the continental ridge and into Gunayala.

You’ll descend the sacred Cangandi River to a traditional Guna village overlooking the river and the Guna Atlantic coast. From there you’ll walk and paddle through the Caribbean mangroves to complete the hero’s journey at the Atlantic coast of Gunayala with its fabled archipelago with islands densely populated and most just dazzling white coral sand and palms.

Portage Cangandí falls, Gunayala, Panama
Portage Cangandí falls, Gunayala, Panama
Archipelago of Gunayala, Panama
Archipelago of Gunayala, Panama

Guna island of Asseryaladub

Finally, you will spend the night on the Guna island of Asseryaladub, a model the indigenous eco-hospitality managed by young Gunas associated with Geoversity’s School for Biocultural Leadership.

We are looking for how we can create an experience that would be such a life-changer that people would go home and say…

Guna community, archipelago of Gunayala, Panama
Guna community, archipelago of Gunayala, Panama
David Meerman Scott

“Wow, I’ve had the coolest adventure! I’ve learned so much and let me share that with you”

David Meerman Scott, Marketing guru and author, latest WSJ bestseller: Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans. Mamoní Valley Preserve’s board of directors.

Transport, Lodging, Food

MVP’s team of professional guides have everything organized from the moment you’re picked up at the airport until your flight eight days later. All in-country transport is provided, airport transfers, sailboat, bikes, rafts, launches, taxes and fees.

All lodging and camping are included and in collaboration with our trusted, local partners.

Cabana at Centro Mamoní, Mamoní Valley Preserve, Panama
Cabana at Centro Mamoní, Mamoní Valley Preserve, Panama
Expedition hammock, rainforest campsite
Expedition hammock, rainforest campsite

All-inclusive food service

Our fresh, all-inclusive food service consists of traditional Panamanian meals along with exotic fusions that are prepared daily according to your specific dietary needs.

Lobster with patacones, Gunayala, Panama
Lobster with patacones, Gunayala, Panama

Got questions about this journey?

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