Carbon Offset

To green or not to green, that is the question! There’s no time to waste when it comes to carbon offset, and the Mamoní Valley is the perfect place to pro-actively become or stay carbon neutral.

Carbon offsetting helps you mitigate your climate impact and compensate for the carbon dioxide you or your company produce, while helping us preserve and enhance our 29,000-acre watershed and protect its abundant endemic biodiversity and communities. Ask us how you can help offset your carbon emissions here.

Here are a couple of companies helping us shape a sustainability-driven world:

Logistick Logo

Logistick, Inc is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of freight securement systems using a one-way, recyclable cargo restraint system invented by its founder in 1992 to prevent freight damage and promote safety. Logistick is dedicated to innovation and sustainability including a commitment to corporate carbon neutrality.  In 2020, Logistick chose to preserve a specific, special place in the world that they can call their own, that can be visited, and whose specificity and the long-term connection to its natural beauty and wealth of biodiversity and climate benefits can be an essential source of pride and positive perception by its staff, its clients, and all key stakeholders.  In doing so, it offset its entire current carbon footprint for the next 30 years.

RiverBirch Executive Advisors, LLC provides various services to executives and leaders of mid-sized companies and non-profit organizations, including executive coaching, management workshops, and meeting facilitation in critical aspects of corporate responsibility.  RiverBirch has chosen to offset its small carbon footprint as an MVP corporate partner on a year-by-year basis, demonstrating the range of options available within MVP’s Corporate Offset Partnership Program.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

At Mamoní Valley Preserve, we do our best to stay carbon neutral. You can too by donating to contribute to mitigate carbon offset! Thinking of traveling? How would you like to check your carbon footprint? You can calculate your flight carbon footprint here, using our Flight Carbon Offset mechanism, or even better: we can help you really offsetting your footprint! All you have to do is write to

Ex: A direct Boston-Panama round trip flight is 12hrs.

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