To protect and preserve

That’s right, we’re not all screwed! Au contraire, we’re all trying to do our part to screw towards the same side. The trying to protect the planet side.

At the Mamoní Valley Preserve (MVP) we strive to be a world-leading eco-friendly example of rainforest conservation, by protecting the Mamoní Valley in Panama from deforestation so the planet can keep its biodiversity and stable climate conditions.

Sure, that’s what all non-profit organizations say and it all looks great on paper, but give us concrete’s, the facts you say.

Let’s see…

  • We preserve and enhance a 29,000-acre watershed that connects over 5 million acres of contiguous forests within the Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena biodiversity hotspot.
  • Since 2002, we have substantially increased the rate of our carbon sequestration and reforested much of the Valley’s exposed land.
  • We can help you mitigate your climate impact and compensate for the carbon dioxide you or your company produce, because yes, we carbon offset!

Those right there are quite important 3 little facts. Two of them mention critical aspects of our global climate crisis.

One being deforestation, which is a big problem when the loss of forest -or rainforests in our case- means that its communities lose their sacred spaces, their culture and way of life. Terrain can no longer ensure regular water flow or protect against floods or landslides or even the climate. Rainforests act as sponges that absorb precipitation during extreme weather events, they retain soil and release water at regular intervals. So imagine what could happen if we didn’t do what we do at Mamoní Valley Preserve. Yup, great disaster-movie material.

On the other hand, the climate crisis is one of the great challenges facing humanity, and the future of life on the planet depends on our overcoming it. For this reason, the call for climate action is urgent to generate the change that the world needs, and that is to move towards a decarbonized economy. And in this case, it’s possible to carry out that change, even individually. More and more people and organizations are starting their own transition process towards carbon neutrality. And because forests are great carbon stores and carbon dioxide sinks, we here at MVP are always exploring and researching ways for you or your business to become or stay carbon neutral, and as we say: every leaf counts! Just ask us how here!

We all say that we want to fight all environmental problems, but are we willing to rethink the way we do things up to now? To change those consumer habits that are oh so comfortable for us? It’s important to know what the main causes of climate change are and how we as organizations or citizens can modify certain habits to reduce our environmental impact.

At MVP we too refuse to believe that it’s too late to fix the climate crisis. Our part of the fight against climate change is what moves us forward and gets us out of bed every morning. Ok, that and the sound of 420 different species of birds around the Valley.

So, won’t you join?